With Pen in Hand


By the best-selling author of Writing on Both Sides of the Brain, an inspirational guide to releasing past and present emotional pains through therapeutic writing.

In moments of grief or loss, we often turn to the written word to say what cannot be said aloud. Indeed, directing sadness, rage, or confusion at the page can be tremendously cathartic and liberating. As we express our deepest feelings without reserve in poetry or prose, we feel the power of our words begin to draw out some of the pain in our hearts and replace it with hope.

But fears about writing honestly and self-criticism can stand in the way of making use of this powerful therapeutic tool. With Pen in Hand is an inspirational and practical guide to breaking through these roadblocks and to helping one “write to heal.” Outlining writing techniques that are best for working through pain and for privately collecting raw emotions “Writing a Letter of Goodbye,” “Interviewing Your Body,” “Rapid-Writing,” and more Henriette Klauser shares stories and tips that will help readers gain comfort from what they commit to paper. For the accomplished writer and non-writer alike, With Pen in Hand will help one make use of the kind of expression that in the aftermath of a crisis or loss, can make one whole again.


When your heart aches, and you think you have no one to turn to, turn to pen and paper. You are not alone. Writing will ground you, and often provide a path of healing as well. With Pen in Hand addresses two kinds of therapeutic writing: RealTimeā„¢ and Reflective. The first records the immediate moment to stop the swirling, to ground you, the second is looking back at a hurt, even many years later. It is never too late to heal.