Write with Power: Upgrade Your Writing Skills

Are you getting the results you want from your written communications? Save money, save time, and eliminate confusion when you learn to write with power. This course gives you practical pointers to make what you write readable and persuasive. Good writing is a skill as well as an art, and it can be learned. Good writing grows out of respect for your reader—one human being talking to another human being.

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Organize your material before you write in a way that complements the way you think
  • Write a first draft that captures your key ideas
  • Make your writing smooth and professional
  • Give your writing pizzazz to keep your reader interested
  • Follow the 5 R’s of Whole-brained writing to get past writing hang-ups and make your writing flow
  • Apply the “Criteria of the 3 C’s” to make sure your communication has the outcome you are aiming for
  • Review punctuation and fix common grammatical errors
  • Write endings that tie up your piece and put the ball in the court of your reader

Special section on e-mail etiquette: how to write with sense and sensitivity, and when verbal is better. Also includes writing memos that are easy to understand and get fast answers. Write with Power is a hands-on workshop that enables you to go back to your desk and apply your new skills immediately.