With Pen in Hand: The Workshop™

With Pen in Hand: The Workshop™ is a healing workshop, especially for those who are dealing with trauma or emotional loss, or comforting or counseling those who are.

You will learn to:

  • Record your thoughts in Real-Time in order to get grounded when your head is spinning
  • Write an imaginary conversation and see where your pen takes you
  • Use Rapidwriting and Twilight Journaling in order to break through emotional roadblocks
  • Gain perspective and integrate painful experiences into your life, whether the events you need to heal are recent, or wounds from long ago

    As an hour presentation or full-day workshop With Pen in Hand is both inspirational and practical.

    With Pen in Hand is particularly useful for anyone going through a transition in his or her life–from losing a job, to living with a serious illness, to a death of someone close.

    With Pen in Hand is appropriate for Veterans’ Groups, Compassionate Friends, Domestic Violence Groups, Divorce and Beyond.

    It includes a special section on Discernment, the five-step ancient tool for decision-making, because sometimes it is difficult to make decisions when you are in crisis.