One-to-one consultation is the best way to get attention on your manuscript and your own development as a writer. Hire Henriette Anne to work with you personally as a coach, or have her edit your project directly, polishing your words until they shine.


Hand your proposal, article, or full-length book over to me for full editing. My goal in editing your work is to keep your voice, while making the necessary corrections to persuade and amuse the reader. I will pay close attention to all details, correcting misleading phrases and punctuation. I will untwist convoluted sentences, sort out mixed metaphors, put all modifiers in their proper place, and allow no antecedents to be remote. I will make the work logical and readable, without tampering with unusual figures of speech, idiomatic usage, or your own idiosyncratic imagery. You are the author; I am the editor.  


I would be happy to work with you on a weekly or monthly basis, critiquing what you send ahead, and meeting with you by phone for an hour consultation at a time. I offer packages of three, six, or twelve coaching sessions. The more sessions you commit to, the lower the price per session (just like the gym!). A session consists of two parts: the time I spend reviewing your material (ten to fifteen pages at a time), and the individual consultation by phone. Exercises and assignments between sessions will be tailored to your strengths and areas needing improvement. As a consultant, I can help you assess the marketability of your book idea, and coach you on breaking into print. My promise to you is that this coaching will not only improve your current work--it will make you a better writer going forward.