“Clang, clang, clang.  As I hear the fire engine roar down the block, I wonder, ‘Could this fire have been prevented?'”

When I was in the 4th grade, I won the Little Hot Spot Medal for writing the best essay in New York City on safeguarding the home against fire. The mayor pinned the medal on my chest at City Hall while the marine band played, and my parents stood proudly by.  I got the morning off school.

That’s when I decided this writing thing was kind of fun.

Now I have written four books, co-authored a fifth, and mentored the authors of twenty-seven published books. I have dedicated my life to putting the fun back in writing. Through my books, my workshops, my editing, and my one-on-one consulting and coaching, I help people feel as confident about their writing as they do about their day-to-day talking.

I work on the premise that all writing–whether it is a corporate paper, a legal brief, a non-fiction book, a novel or a short story–is a conversation, a dialogue between you and the reader. One human being talking to another human being. Even when I am writing to a large audience (my books, in many different languages, have been read by more than half a million people), I try to remember Kurt Vonnegut’s wisdom, “When you write, write for an audience of one and hope the rest of the world will like it.”

Henriette Anne Klauser, Ph.D., is the author of four books: Writing on Both Sides of the Brain, Put Your Heart on Paper, Write It Down, Make It Happen, With Pen In Hand, The Healing Power of Writing. She co-authored a fifth book with Richard Groves, The American Book of Living and Dying. Her books have been selected for Book of the Month Club offerings and translated into several languages, including Japanese, Korean, Spanish and Romanian, as well as an unauthorized version in Farsi.

Henriette Anne is the president of Writing Resources, a seminar and consulting organization, with offices in Edmonds, Washington. She has taught at the University of Washington, California State University, Seattle University, University of Lethbridge (Canada), and Fordham University.  Her clients include Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, universities, and national associations throughout North America. A past trustee of the Northwest Writers Conference, she is listed in the International Who’s Who in Business and Professional Women. Her workshops have taken her around the world, including London, England; Cairo, Egypt; and three times to the island of Skyros in Greece.

Dr. Klauser has been featured in such diverse publications as:

The New Age Journal
London Health & Fitness
Evening Mail (UK)
South Wales Echo 
…and more, see logos featured below. 
She has been interviewed by:
The London Times
USA Today
The Washington Post
The Huffington Post
She was a regular contributor to, and monthly columnist for, Writers Digest Personal Journaling magazine.

In a world that is becoming more high-tech by the day, Henriette Anne has dedicated her life to helping people think, write, and work together more efficiently while keeping high-touch and humanity alive in their communication.