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"Thank you for the tremendous workshops you presented for our city officials. Your workshop was standing room only. After tallying the workshop attendance for three days, your session drew the highest numbers. A staff member who attended is enthusiastic about your techniques - loves your sense of humor and his writing has improved."

Michelle Harvey - Association of Washington Cities

"No program given at the ARMA monthly meetings this year has brought forth more excitement than your breakthrough presentation. I thank you for giving us one of the most important programs we have had."

J. Baker, Program Chair - Association of Records Managers & Administrators (ARMA)

"I have already begun to apply your techniques in my work and found them most helpful. In particular, the outlining method stimulates creativity while providing logical order to a subject. I recently used it to prepare for a presentation of a technical paper. Your pleasant, witty manner of presenting your material made the seminar especially enjoyable. I wholeheartedly recommend your work to any of my colleagues as a means of increasing productivity."

William F. Harrison - Boeing Commercial Airplane Company

"Your course was an experience that changed my approach to a good deal more than writing. Your concepts are consistent with our Quality Improvement movement. I would encourage my associates to take this course and expect to experience a significant gain in their creative skills and productivity."

Peter M. Morton - Boeing Commercial Airplane Company

"[A] certain sign of a successful speaker . . . is the number of bathroom trips. In your four-hour afternoon session, only one person left for that reason, an all-time low in my experience with meetings; and that person was back within two minutes. Further, no one left during the evening session. . . this [letter] is an unqualified endorsement."

Robert C. Halsey - Business/Professional Advertising Association

"Once again, I am in awe of your talents in putting on an entertaining, instructive, energy-charged program for the Seattle Chapter of B/PAA. We have flown in consultants, seminar leaders and executives from all over the country to speak before our chapter. None was as effective or as highly received as you and your program. I was amazed to find people still lined up to talk to you one hour after the program was over. My thanks and admiration to you."

Ron Wilbur - Business/Professional Advertising Association

"I heard many enthusiastic comments on your presentation, and even received calls in my office the next day congratulating me on my choice of a speaker! You were a hit."

Janet Davidson - Business and Professional Women

"Your workshop was inspirational. You book should be required reading for every student in the educational system. Thank you for your clear presentation, both in your own writing, and in your books. The information I learned from you will transform me into a better manager and individual."

Jo Marie Balfour - City of Mabton

"Your seminar was inspiring, by far the best writing class ever. Not only were you inspiring in terms of writing, but in other areas as well. You gave us the drive and inspiration to go forward with it."

Melanie Miller - Commodity Consultants

"Not only was the content of your presentation challenging, the style was warm and humorous. You have helped me clarify and organize my thoughts, even for complex reports. You gave me good weapons to combat personal and professional burnout. I highly recommend your seminar to any professional who deems skillful writing essential."

Mary K. O'Shea - Department of Public Health

"Thank you for making our Writers Celebration a success for our children. Our mission was to help the children to develop their writing skills as well as to feel good about their writing. I heard many children say how excited they were about the experience. It could not have happened, Dr. Klauser, without you."

Frank Tyllia - Edmonds School District

"Your books are inspiring, fascinating, and enriching, and you brought those written words to life for our Director’s Team with your warm and enlightening personality. Some of the attendees had this to say:
  • Dr. Klauser gave us a lot to think about. A big thank you to her, and Getty Images for providing us with such an inspirational speaker.
  • Dr. Klauser’s powerful message can be implemented both professionally and personally, with surprising ease.
It was a pleasure to have you come and speak to us."

Cindee Chadwick - Getty Images

"Profoundly influenced my ability to practice law. Her presentation was like a stress-break for me, adding a tool to my arsenal as an attorneyæbetter, more productive writing. Dr. Klauser is a motivator par excellence, and her approach to overcoming writing anxiety works."

Anthony Russo - Gould, Russo, Eitrem Law Firm

"What a smashing success your workshop was! Our membership has been raving about you and the value received . . . not only for the participants . . .the profits [for the fundraiser] were significant. Thank you for your warmth, enthusiasm, and of course for your wonderful sense of humor. Learning becomes easy with you as the instructor. It was just the type of information and skills that can be applied back on the job."

Randi O. Freidig - HEIB Home Economists in Business, Ohio

"I have received many compliments on your workshop's content and presentation. It may be gratifying to know that ‘write on both sides of your brain’ has become a household phrase around here. In our daily correspondence and reports, we incorporate your techniques and suggestions so that we can express ourselves more succinctly and vividly. Thank you for inspiring us!"

Wanda J. Hoover - Hershey's Foods

"Amazing things came out of your workshop. Your exercises were short, well-spaced and productive. My major complaint of most seminar / workshops is all the hype with sparse results: lots of theory with few if any practical ‘how-to’ tools. Your workshop was a refreshing exception."

Ross Robbins - High Tech People Skills

"Your seminar had the highest turnout of any internal training event that International Data Group has presented. The material was engaging, interactive, and enjoyableærelevant for both work and personal life. I know we will continue our working relationship and that you will be back at IDG."

Debra A. Bernardi - International Data Group

"Your inspirational workshop was just what I had hoped for in kicking off our focus on Language Arts and Writing. The staff loved your enthusiasm and energy. Your presentation was entertaining, amusing, and most importantly, informative."

Frank Tyllia - Lynnwood Elementary School

"We know Dr. Klauser as a dynamic and fascinating proponent of the pen. We jumped at the opportunity to sponsor a workshop with her so that the general public could experience this invigorating connection themselves. By far, it was the most engaging event Moving Books has ever presented, and the most far-reaching and beneficial to its participants. I have no doubt that everyone went home enriched and empowered, ready to write. I know I did. If you have the good fortune to work with her, you will see results."

Mark Privett - Moving Books, Inc.

"Your sessions were well-received. Any organization looking for a professional, friendly speaker would be pleased to work with you. After working with you over the phone and then meeting you, I would recommend you to anyone. Some member comments from evaluation forms:
  • This was the best and most valuable presenter at this conference.
  • She gave wonderful, useful tips that piqued the thought process
  • She was excellent. Good basic information.
  • Great seminar--the best so far this week!
  • Excellent!
Thank you."

Molly Yandell - National Tour Association

"Henriette, we were educated, entertained, and spellbound. Thank you for sharing with us. Please do not hesitate to use us as a reference. Somehow, I think you have a pile of them already."

David Fisher - New Equipment Digest, Ohio

"Your presentation to the midshipmen and staff of the Boston University NROTC was the finest presentation I have witnessed at this unit. Your expertise and enthusiasm for writing, coupled with the effort you put into preparing for the discussion, were obvious. I appreciated the way you personalized the program and insured it was relevant to the midshipmen’s needs. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive."

Randall D. Preston - Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps Consortium

"Very impressive workshop. The Progress Log and nonstop writing were tremendously helpful. You gave me confidence and helped eliminate procrastination. The help you gave me was real and tangible. No more biting on my pencil!"

Sheila Huang - Northwest Hospital

"An excellent workshop! Stimulated me to think, and approach writing in a fresh way. Different from what we've been exposed to. Especially liked "branching" and use it often. I have recommended your workshop to many nurses here at Northwest."

Irene Artheholt - Nursing Administrators Council

"Since taking your workshop, I have finished one script, completed my part in a collaboration on another, and begun work on a third. I am amazed at my productivity. It is with the help of your techniques that I have been able to do this. Remarkably, your techniques apply to more than just writing. Thanks for your gentle but confident presentation of the material. That alone made writing seem less awesome."

Anne Garde - NPR Radio

"Your seminar was exactly what we needed. Some typical comments:
  • Dr. Klauser’s seminar was one of the most inspiring I have ever attended.
  • I was amazed at the depth of feeling expressed in the three-minute poems that Henriette had us write. An incredibly moving experience."
  • I often labor over my words trying to make them sound pretty. Henriette’s techniques helped me tap directly into my true emotions and my pen could barely keep up. Since then, my ideas have been popping, and I don’t worry so much about pretty words.
Henriette, you have a gift for bringing the best out of people."

Jan May - Oklahoma Writers's Federation

"You got high marks in the evaluations for your presentation at our conference. We sold 54 copies of your book after. Here are some comments:
  • Inspirational and different.
  • Perfect! Can’t wait to try her ideas
  • Every part of her presentation a gem! Creative, pragmatic. I loved it.
  • Fabulous! Scintillating! She made the entire conference worthwhile.
  • I have NEVER enjoyed a speaker as much. Fantastic, funny, got me involved.
  • High energy. It flew by. What can I say? She was wonderful.
Thanks to you."

Barry Lacter - Public Relations Society of America

"All those who attended your wonderful presentation left feeling stimulated and enriched. Your sense of humor is disarming. I found myself alternating between fascination with your presentation style, intrigue with the content, and enjoyment in watching the response of others. You are gifted."

Dr. Carol Rogel Scott - Seattle Pacific University

"Your ongoing seminars have been extremely helpful in preparing our Faculty of Management students to be productive writers and managers in their chosen fields. Your unique program combines the best elements of English composition, professional writing technique, and critical thinking methodology. Feedback from participants has been uniformly excellent. Consistent high evaluations praise the course material as well as your instruction style."

Robert A. Boudreau - University of Lethbridge

"Your professional approach, excellent instruction material and lively personality gave me a boost of confidence and enthusiasm. I gained immediate benefits, and now, nine months later, I am still using the techniques and ideas from class. Thanks for your fine work."

Richard Hobbs - University of Washington

"Thanks to you, I made the deadline with my book. The Rapid Writing you advocate got the ball rolling for me. Branching came in handy as I organized chapters. Others in my field told me it could not be done, but thanks to your techniques, I did it. Thank you for your help."

Enid E. Haag - Western Washington University

"Thank you for a well-presented, content-laden seminar. I have already noticed an improvement in my writing skills. A liberating feeling."

Steve I. - Western Gear Corporation, Flight Structures Division

"Henriette's style of presentation is delightful and stimulating. She helped raise my confidence level about writing."

N. Jean Craig - Xerox Corporation