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Welcome to Writing Resources

Well, hello there. Thanks for stopping by. Come inside where it's nice and warm. You'll learn how to use writing in powerful ways--to break through writer's block, to get closer to the people around you, to live a life of your wildest imaginings.  It's all within reach, and all as near as your paper and pen (or your computer keys, but more about that, later).

For businesses and organizations, with Writing Resources, you will:
  • Get a personal assessment of your company's writing
  • Find out what is bogging down the workflow
  • Uncover the three recurring stylistic problems that are weighing down your company's communications
  • Learn how to inspire your staff and employees to go for the gold, to reach their sales goals, to break through the wall

For individuals interested in writing (or scared of it):

  • Find out what's behind your fear of writing or procrastination
  • Let me help you edit your precious piece, from a publishing proposal to a full-length book, to make your words shine and stand out from the pack
  • Read here the inspiring stories of people just like you who have changed their lives and their relationship with writing forever

Pull up a chair, grab a latte, and let's get to know each other.